What to Expect When You Get Solar Panels Installed

What to Expect When You Get Solar Panels Installed

All our trusted solar panel installers have been vetted with credit and reference checks and are all MCS accredited so that you can benefit from an income from the Feed In Tariff.

When you make an enquiry for solar panels, we will put you in touch with a maximum of 4 solar panel specialists in your area. They will contact you to arrange a completely free, no-obligation survey of your property at a time and date convenient to you.

For any initial meetings that you arrange, it is a good idea to have your current and historical electricity bills to hand. Your installer can then use these to give you an accurate illustration of the savings you can make based on the size of system that you might select.

Your installer will assess your property for the suitability of solar panels on your roof and the best system size for your personal circumstances. This initial meeting is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about solar panels, the choice of manufacturers and the pros and cons of each alongside initial costs and solar panel earnings.

As with most home improvements, we always recommend that you get three independent quotes from different suppliers for comparison. Our solar panel install companies are well aware that when you place an enquiry with us, they are competing for your custom and this encourages them to give you the most competitive price available, without compromising on quality – after all, we collect feedback from homeowners just like you to make sure that we only have the very best, professional and reliable solar panel installers on our network. All our suppliers provide insurance backed guarantees for their work and deposit indemnity protection.

Once you have all your quotes in writing, if you choose to go ahead with any quotes then the installer will provide a timeline and schedule of works for your install. Be sure to ask all the questions you need to about how your system is registered with the Feed In Tariff scheme upon completion.

It is usually electricians and roofers that work together to carry out your install and can take a few days to complete as a maximum. Many installs can be completed within a day.

Solar panels are usually fitted to your roof using mounting frames and roof anchors, unless you have opted for solar panels that are integrated into your roof and lie flush. These are usually a specialist product and are more expensive, but some homeowners do prefer their aesthetics and unobtrusive look.

The solar panel installation team will generally need unrestricted access to the roof – both internal and external to your property – and the loft space of your home. They will also need access to your electricity supply. All our suppliers are professional and considerate and aim to keep disruption down to a minimum as well as leaving your home tidy after work is completed.

You’ll be provided with copies of the warranties for the equipment that has been installed. Make sure you know where all the cabling and inverters are located.